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Coronavirus in Ghana. President lifted partial lockdown

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by Kwabena Step #Accra twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Ghana


Corona Virus has really been a thon in majority of countries around the world and is really cursing fear and panic to the people within .Ghana has also been a victim which has recorded 1,279 cases, 10 dead and 134 recoveries so far.

Ghana president lifted the partial lockdown imposed in the country to stem the spread,but the ban on social gatherings is still in session. This move made Ghana one of few countries in the world to have lifted its restrictions on the COVID-19. Local and panafrican medias quoted President Akuffo Addo  saying

Lifting these restrictions does not mean  we are letting our guide down’’[…] I am demanding even greater adherence of these measures,bans on public  gatherings and schools are still in session in a televised address on Sunday… Businesses in Accra and Kumasi‘s two large cities can re-open on Monday and residents can return to work but use of face mask is implemented compulsory till further notice. The management of Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly [CCMA] has also put in notice to the general public that wearing of the face would be compulsory effectively on Sunday April 26th”.



Ghana’s Governement states as well:

  • all public and private institutions are to ensure the wearing of face masks by all staffs and visitors;
  • commercial drivers are to ensure that passengers wear face masks before they board vehicles;
  • market women, traders, restaurant operators, food vendors, hawkers are to wear face mask in course of work;
  • management of CCMA advises the public and private institutions including hospitals, clinics, shops, banks, phamacies, lorry stations, among other to put notice of NO FACE MASK, NO ENTRY.

This directive takes effect from monday 27th april, 2020.


(26th april 2020)

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