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HRW. Asian Migrant Workers Victims of Hamas-led Attacks

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According to HRW official site the Hamas-led attacks in southern Israel on October 7 targeted Israelis, but migrant workers in Israel were also killed and taken hostage. Their families are grieving for them halfway around the world in Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Based on the Israeli’s governement informations reported by the organization, more than 240 people were taken hostage on October 7, and after Israeli citizens, the largest number of hostages taken by Palestinian armed groups are from Thailandia.

Hamas-led attack killed 32 Thai citizens, 22 were taken hostage and 19 were injured. between them 10 Nepalese students working in agriculture were also reportedly killed, as well as 4 Filipino caregivers, and one student from Cambodian student. HRW stressed that deliberately killing civilians and holding people hostage are war crimes.

Thailand is the largest source of migrant labor for Israel with about 30,000 Thais working in the country, most of them are male agricultural workers. Thousands were working on farms on the border with Gaza when the October 7 attacks occurred.


(5th November, 2023)

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