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Ghana’s coronavirus cases hit 834 and became Africa’s third sub-Saharan most impacted country

by PPR #Ghana twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Coronavirus


Ghana raised 894 Coronavirus’s cases and increased the infection of 193 paatients. According to the cases were recorded across the country  and the recoveries raised until the number of 99. Informations are based of governamental sources.

Due to the cases increasing, Ghana became the sub-Saharan Africa’s third most impacted nation behind South Africa with over 2,700 cases and Cameroon with 1,017 confirmed cases.

The Parliament of Ghana has approved a $1bn interest-free loan facility given by the International Monetary Fund, earlier this week to help cushion the country from the effects of the ongoing pandemic, according to local news. Ghana is at high risk of debt distress.


(18th april, 2020)

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