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UN special rapporteurs condemn Italy’s so called “unashamed racism and xenophobia” in Human Rights restrictions



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According to the british daily newspaper The Indipendent UN officially condemns what the UN special rapporteurs defined “unashamed racism and xenophobia” referring to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini slanderous measures against immigrants culminated in a rise in hate attacks, hate speech, discrimination and criminalization of the work of those who defend migrant rights.

The United Nations rapporteurs also condemned what they define “smear campaigns” against groups rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean.

According to The Indipendent article

The UN added that 169 racially motivated incidents were recorded during and after elections in March, 19 of which were violent attacks. The polls saw two anti-establishment parties, the Five Star Movement and the right-wing anti-illegal migrant League party come out ahead.

Rapporteurs also attacked a planned move to restrict immigration rules in Italy, which they said would “certainly lead to violations of international human rights law”.

UN nrapporteurs cited Mr Salvini statement in which he manifests his will to amend his decree against huamn beings to include restrictions on opening hours of “ethnic shops”.


(22nd november, 2018)

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