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Trumps tweets and Economy doesn’t: Republicans at a verge of a nervous breakdown

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by G.G. #Trumpberries twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Midterm



Democrats are confident about having House – and maybe the Senate – back. Republicans are less. Their president is tweeting on everything. Especially on hurricanes in Puerto Rico. Midterm campaing is over there but Mr. Trump doesn’t care about it and Republicans are at the verge of a nervous breakdown: They know very well that today’s impressive economic results have been made possible by Obama’s administration measures.

They know, oh what a pity!, they cannot rely on the booming economy to win over undecided voters because the growth of economy is been – according to NYT – “obscured by the president’s inflammatory moves on immigration, Vladimir V. Putin and other fronts”.

They are shocked because they thin midterm is gonna be some kind of referendum on the person of the screaming President all-day-long-on-Twitter. Republicans must be very worried indeed because Glen Bolger states, on several USA media that “economy is doing well, but that’s not what America will vote on in the midterm — they will voteg on the chaos of the guy in the White House“.



(17th september, 2018)

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