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Libya: Hundreds of Armed Militias with Guns and Electric Sticks Attacked Unarmed Refugees


by John Dee

Regarding the attack of armed Libyan militias of the last 10th January, 2022, in a camp outside the former CDC, now UNHCR, we’ve been informed by email from one the refugee involved and attacked by militias in spite of being unarmed, and displaced thanks to the brutality of the attack – like everyone in the place. They were violations of human rights, people injured and violences against women and children treated like criminals. Real names and surnames are not displayed because of their protection. This is a real testimony.

“It was cold and raining all saturday night; on sunday morning, I was sitting outside UNHCR with A. one of the committee members, when one of the refugees came to us and told A. that one of the refugees living outside CDC called and informed him that the Libyan authorities are moving to dismantle the camp outside UNHCR – former CDC. We didn’t took this seriously because we usually hear rumours, so we told him to call that man again to confirm what we considered a rumour. After the call he confirmed that militias are preparing to dismantle the camp outside CDC. Few minutes later another refugee called us from another place and he told usthe same information we already received: He heard from Libyans at his work place that Libyan authorities were organizing the camp dismantle. So we decided to call for a meeting to inform refugees and discuss with them about what to do if militias come to dismantle the camp outside CDC. There’ wasn’t so much to decide: we have no place to go, we all have been displaced from our houses, where we have to go? Everyone said “We are not criminals and our protest is peacefully. This is the only place we have, if we moved from here we may face more tragedies because we are tired of Libya and we call for evacaution out of Libya”. So we concluded the meeting deciding we will sit and wait and see our destiny, because we face the same problems everywhere in Libya. After breaking the meeting most of the refugees were making their tents broke down because of heavy rain and storms, but at least everyone was concerned. Then the evening come. Suddenly there were armed cars moving speedily on the street come and go; we felt that there was something going to happen to us during the night, refugees concerning raised up and until midnight there were militias coming to us telling us we have to leave the camp outside CDC immediately, as we were already concerned. Bu we didn’t have the time to dismantle ourselves because a few minuts later we saw about 200 armed militias with guns and electric sticks, they furiosly attacked us started beating us violently and detain us, took us to cage cars and buses; some refugees started running and militias shooted fire to everybody was trying to scape; while we were running M. was injured by a gunshot, so we carried him to disappear him away; M. told us to leave him under the tree in order to not be arrested. Militias were chasing us until we disappeared. It was a nightmare. I couldn’t see the end of all that but I know there’ve been violations, rapes, violence the same as all those vicious operations we all know too well. At least I have survived”.

We must do something against this unhuman situation. In spite of protection now refugees face imprisonment, brutality and unjustified detention.



(14 gennaio 2022)

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