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Ghana governement orders: face masks made compulsory in capital Accra

by PPR #Ghana twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Coronavirus


Three days after the three weeks general locked-down for the capital Accra and two other metropolis, Ghana’s Governement decided for a compulsory use of face masks in public. The statement was signed by minister Ishmael Ashitey after an emergency meeting according to – as part of the efforts to enforce the president’s directives on social distancing and the wearing of masks.



The cited panafrican site informed as well of the measures taken to contain the Coronavirus, between them:

  • Mandatory wearing of face masks in public across the region, sensitization on the measure and on social / physical distancing by sub-regional authorities.
  • Sub-regional authorities to educate traders on the measures above, commercial drivers to only allow passengers with masks on board, “NO FACE MASK, NO ENTRY” signs to be posted outside public places like offices, lorry stations, shops, markets, malls, banks, pharmacies etc.
  • Satellite markets are also to be created to help decongest main markets and a temporary ban imposed on all “Special Market Days” in the region.



(23rd, april 2020)

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