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Ghana. Coronavirus cases raise to 1.154. Recovered are now 120

by PPR #Ghana twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Coronavirus


Coronavirus cases in Ghana raised to 1.154. Twelve more then the last bulletin states the 19th of april, according to AfricaNews‘ site. The country is been partially locked-down for three days now, but the cases incrreased of 112 people in three days; Ghana Health Service announced 120 recovered during a press briefing on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, in Accra.

In the meantime the presidential advisor on health, Dr Nsiah-Asare, has indicated that 10% of the Ghanaian population may probably test positive for the virus before the country’s case count on coronavirus gets to the peak of the infection. Ghana’s population is estimated at over 28 million.



(22nd, april 2020)

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