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Kenya coronavirus’ cases hit 189. Today 5 more Kenyans tested positive

by P.P.Ruiz #Kenya twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Coronavirus


According to coronavirus’ cases in Kenya reached at 189; Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe announced today that 5 more Kenyans have tested positive after analysis of 504 samples; 10 more people have been discharged by kenyans hospitals after tested negative: 22 people have recovered after treatment.

Strict measures of citizen’s protection are at work and governement has gazetted COVID-19 related regulations which include hefty penalties for persons caught flouting directives issued in line with the Public Health Act. The penalties range from a fine of Sh20,000 or a six months’ imprisonment or both. According to Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe some of the offences to be tracked are: failure to wear a mask while using public or private transport and failure to maintain social distance.


(10th april, 2020)

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