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AdviceGlobal, Advertising in the Third Millennium

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“Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising” it is one of the most famous quote of Thomas Babington Macaulay.

This sentence has become one of the watchwords of the guys of AdviceGlobal Ltd, an agency specialized in email marketing and database management, which has conquered a market share that today covers 14 countries on 5 continents – from Belgium to Australia, from Germany to Singapore – and setup with a staff of eight young professionals from all over the world.

On the other hand, when advertising was born, at the dawn of civilization, it was a matter of simple word of mouth; then came the squealers, then the newspapers, the posters, the radio, the television, the web. But in the end we came back to the beginning: because in the third millennium the best form of advertising is just word of mouth, that is direct communication to the potential consumer.

Very young in every sense, AdviceGlobal was founded in 2016 in Malta by the flair of a thirty year-old entrepreneur: to create a system of innovative services that allow companies to promote their products by paying only for what is actually sold.

“At the beginning we were two,” says managing director Alessandro Gherardi. Today the team includes Agata, Daniela, Domizia, Alfredo, Emanuele, Luke and Marco they come from four different countries – Italy, Malta, Poland and the Netherlands – with an average age of 28 years. Others will be hired very soon, because the company is constantly growing and is already looking for new profiles to be included in the workforce.

“Our company manages the communication on behalf of agencies that in turn manage the advertising of their customers,” explains Alessandro. “Our client provides us with a model of the e-mail that includes all the information on the product or the service that is to be advertised, and we take care to send it to the widest possible number of users and potential customers”. The technology allows to track all the steps that are maden and AdviceGlobal receives a commission every time the recipients of the emails access the advertised page.

Thanks to the huge available databases, made up of thousands of email addresses, the Maltese company guarantees to its customers a vast audience that is selected according to specific needs; the impact is comparable to that of a commercial TV or newspaper advertisement, but personalized on each individual user and consequently much more incisive than traditional advertising and with an immediately verifiable effectiveness.

The company works in close synergy with other marketing agencies, offering them a vast database and sending advertising material via e-mail. In other cases, AdviceGlobal directly manages advertising campaigns entrusting their dissemination to other agencies, thus creating a profitable exchange of data and skills.

“In Australia we have our own databases and other ones that we manage and monetize on behalf of third parties, who are our best partners and with whom we have relationships since years”, explains Gherardi. “Finally we also have a network of affiliates, which monetize their databases thanks to our advertising campaigns. In fact, we select the best offers for e-mail marketing and send them to those who are the top publishers in the world for the Australian market “.

AdviceGlobal has also created a true glossary of digital marketing, for use by those working in the sector. In Belgium alone, its services have already reached one million users. And they are destined to grow; because advertising is the soul of commerce. And communication is the soul of advertising.


(25 giugno 2018)

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