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venerdì, Settembre 24, 2021

Ama Comedy strikes again: V episode “My Right” is the best of all

by E.T. #AmaComedy twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #MalickGumaneh


Proud to have between my beloved friends the young author/actor/director Malick Gumaneh, 21 years old gambian artist, I am also proud to comment here the fifth episode of Ama Comedy’s saga called “My Rights” a poisoning and intelligent and humorous 3’25” video based on the meaning of democracy which is NOT something we can use to do what we pretend to do just for ourself, but it’s a shared freedom based on respect.

The profound intelligence of the author and his young actors catch, once again, the weaknesses of the young gambian democracy and put the fingers in the wound of a long-time-too-pressed-population as well as on the mental confusion, some kind of illness, about what democracy really means.

It MUST be seen. Here below.

(25th september, 2020)

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