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Harassment, attacks and discrimination against LGBTQ persons in Kenya

by Pablo “Pibe” Ruiz #LGBTI twitter@gaiaitaliacom #EnglishNews


Regarding harassment and discrimination against LGBTQ persons in Kenya in UNHCR camps, we have decide to publish this letter of a young gay guy who lives in desperate and pathetic conditions under constant menace of deathand absolute lack of any kind of  protection by Police and Security Forces of the country.


I am Mbazira Moses. 

I made a painful decision to leave my motherland because of the animosity and persecution I faced as an LGBTQ person. I entered Kenya in 2017 and proceeded to the camp where I met other members who were living under pathetic conditions. I therefore decided with other members to create advocacy on online (Facebook).

Some of the people who came forward in the name of good will to help us ended up taking advantage of the cause.  And yet these are thought to be our friends, well wishers, donars. A few of these people have personal interests and intentions. Right about now, many LGBTQ persons are going through the most. Persecution and discrimination, no food, no rent  and yet in our efforts to try and alleviate their sufferings,  these people have termed us scamers, human trafickers, fraudsters, and con artists.

It’s important for me to stress the fact that we are here because of the UNHCR. It has done alot and contiunes to do so for us as LGBTQ refugees and others as well. We can survive with it’s help. As much as we need substantive support from other well wishers, we shall not tolerate our suffering being taken advantage of, to elevate their personal career and achieve their interests as individuals . I will not keep quiet and hide in a shell until this issue is resolved. I have a responsibility to my fellow LGBTQ refugees and Asylum-seekers To be their voice, to speak and effect change.  

I choose to speak because whether I keep quiet or  speak, I’ll still die. It’s better to die speaking.


Here’s the original letter published on Facebook. If you want to share it please do it directly from the Facebook page and not from here. Thanks.


(1 marzo 2020)

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