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Nigerian still fight for their freedom and nobody cares

by John Dee #Endsars twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Nigeria


Apparently the story started from special security forces, some special nigerian’s Police, they strike against Endsars, popular nigerian movement against Police brutality. Brutality whose militians starts to kill people all over the country. No reasons for those kilings. No political reasons. No religious reasons. Just madness and hate. And brutality. And death.

Nobody wants to be killed for fun, this is why Nigerians started to come out to protest and stopped all the activities in the State. Lagos was curfewed, and the special police became more cruel. Assassinations continued. People are not safe in their own house and they run outside to get food and water and what they need to survive, before they can’t get out at all. They are in danger in their own country; they must fight against the force they paid to be protected from violence.

Is our nigerian contact who talks about that. A very nice and gentle and peacefull man.



At least civilians 51 killed and 16 police, according to nigeria’s governement statement. It must be worse, that can’t be the truth. Simply because it can’t be. Citizens talking about police “hooliganism” and reported police abuses while asserting security forces used “extreme restraint”.

According to Al Jazeera English President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments in a statement released late Friday are expected to further inflame tensions after Amnesty International reported soldiers shot and killed at least 12 demonstrators Tuesday night as a large crowd sang the national anthem. What is the elderly President doing to save and protect his people? He just blamed citizens, as they are guilty. Whos tarts the riots? Who’s going to investigate? is the statement “11 policemen and seven soldiers had been killed by “rioters” as of Thursday, and “the mayhem has not stopped”, true?

Lagos state governor spoke and said: “We do not know who gave the order to attack”. It must be a joke.

Nigerians are still fighting for their freedom and a better life and nobody seems to care.





(24 ottobre 2020)

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