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Burkina Faso: Atrocities by Armed Islamists and Security Forces in northern Sahel Region

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According to HRW official site islamist armed groups and security forces have left deads and created widespread fear and displacement in the northern Sahel Region in Burkina Faso, as Human Rights Watch wrote in a press report released the last 22nd, march.

According to the report the violence has forced tens of thousands of villagers to flee since early 2019. the HRW 56 pages documents report over 40 killings by armed Islamist groups, mostly of people suspected of collaborating with the government, and the execution by Burkinabè security forces of over 115 men accused of supporting or harboring the armed Islamists. The Burkinabè government has promised to investigate the allegations.

HrW states that key international actors, including the United Nations Security Council, which is visiting Burkina Faso in late March, should urge the government to follow through on this commitment.





(23 marzo 2019)

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