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Despite threats, thousand of Iranian are ready to celebrate the Cyrus Day



by Azadi #Iran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #CyrusDay


Today Iran celebrates the so-called “Cyrus Day”, the day in which remembers the entering of Emperor Cyrus in Babylonia. Clearly, it is not an official celebration in Iran: as well known, the regime forbids any kind of celebration or anniversary, which remembers leaders not connected to the history of the Islamic Republic.

Despite threats and prohibitions by the security forces of the regime, every year thousands of Iranians arrive to Pasargadae, where the tomb of Cyrus the Great is located. In the last years, the annual celebration became an occasion to protest against the regime, and to invoke the return of the Pahlavi dynasty to the power.

In particular, during the gatherings of the last three years, around 20.000 Iranians arrived in Pasargadae. Between them, hundreds of members of the minorities communities of Iran – especially Arabs and Kurds – which are usually discriminated in the Islamic Republic. Only the last year, around 300 people were arrested for having taken part to the Cyrus Day.

This morning, as videos from Iran are showing, thousands of Iranians are going in Pasargadae. Again, this is happening despite the blocks that the regime has put. Again, the Cyrus Day became the occasion for the Iranian people to express their anger and frustration against the Islamic Republic.  Again, the Cyrus Day shows how strong is the Iranian people, and its resiliency against a regime, which becomes, year after year, more and more repressive.

This is exactly the reason why the regime is so scary about the Cyrus Day, and it is so committed in trying to avoid the celebration. In Tehran are well aware that it will be this resiliency which will finally overthrow the Islamic Republic.


(29th october, 2018)

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