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Dakar, nouveaux affrontements entre étudiants et forces de l’ordre dans les universités

par Gaiaitalia.com #Senegal twitter@gaiaitaliacom #français     Selon Jeune Afrique de nouveaux heurts entre étudiants et forces de l’ordre ont éclaté mercredi dans plusieurs universités du Sénégal, au lendemain de la mort, causée par “une arme à feu”, d’un étudiant – Mouhamadou Fallou Sène, 25 ans – dans le nord du pays tué lors d’une confrontation avec les gendarmes. Les heurts ...

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Australia: $379million to save the Great Barrier Reef

by Gaiaitalia.com #Australia twitter@gaiaitaliacom #English       Australia has pledged $379 million in order to save the Great Barrier Reef in what is, according to Time, the country’s largest ever single investment for reef conservation. The fund will include different plans for reducing pollution and to fight the spread of a fish called crown-of-thorns, a dangerous poisonous coral eating ...

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LGBT: Most Czechs for same-sex marriages

by Paolo M. Minciotti #english twitter@gaiaitaliacom #lgbtq     According to Prague Daily Monitor, english written daily online magazine, roughly three-quarters of Czechs agree with the possibility for Czechs citizens to conclude marriage irrespective of sexual orientation, and three-fifths support gay and lesbian couples’ children adoptions. The news came directly from the results of a poll conducted within the campaign We ...

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Barbara Bush died at 92

by Gaiaitalia.com English #usa twitter@gaiaitaliacom #newsinenglish     Former first lady Barbara Bush died tuesday 17th april, 2018 at the age of 92. She was wife of a President and mother of a President. In 1953 she lost a 3 years old daughter. Her death was announced in a statement from the office of George HW Bush, the former president and Ms ...

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How to rebuild (together) religious buildings

by Gaiaitalia.com English #news twitter@gaiaitaliacom #newsinenglish     Christians and Muslims from Mosul (Iraq) came together to rebuilt a catholic church in the city destroyed by Isis when its troops occupied the area. They were all volunteers and they worked together to rebuild the church. A similar thing happened in a Texas mosque in the city of Victoria wich was ...

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Lassa fever kills 142 in Nigeria since January 2018

by Gaiaitalia.com English #Nigeria twitter@gaiaitaliacom #newsinenglish     According to AFP Lassa fever has killed 142 people in Nigeria since the start of 2018, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) states the last 4th of April, 2018. According to the report Lassa fever killed 32 people in a month in at least 20 of the 36 nigerian states. The ...

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Is Facebook having a negative impact on society around the world? Many say: “Yes”

by Gaiaitalia.com #Facebook twitter@gaiaitaliacom #Internet     According to recode.net Facebook, the social blue, is having a “negative impact on society around the world”. The news came directly from Mark Zuckerberg’s former personal pollster, Tavis McGinn, and are based on his most recent survey, tracked on the public’s perception of CEO Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg while working for Facebook. Tavis ...

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#International: What is the role of immigrants in Italy?

by Alessio Spelda #immigration twitter@aleonesp #gaiaitaliacomnotizie     In our last article, we spoke about ‘how many immigrants live in Italy’. But the most relevant part of the phenomenon was (and still is): How does this phenomenon affect economy and society? And above all, is this considerable as a problem? First of all, let’s refresh our memory a little bit. ...

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Human Rights Watch: German’s NetzDG is the Wrong Response to Online Abuse

by Gaiaitalia.com #International twitter@gaiaitaliacom #HRW     According to Human Rights Watch press note the new German law named NetzDG that compels social media companies to remove hate speech and other illegal content can lead to unaccountable, overbroad censorship and should be promptly reversed. The law sets a dangerous precedent for other governments looking to restrict speech online by forcing companies to censor ...

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Iran deal is dying and Mrs. Mogherini sends the bill to European Union

by Ragazzi di Tehran #Iran twitter@gaiaitaliacom #International #newsinenglish     When President Donald Trump was elected, Federica Mogherini – aka Mrs. Pesc – decided to transform the political debate around the Iranian nuclear deal, to a personal battle. The European representative became the paladin of an unquestionable defense of the JCPOA, refusing to accept to discuss the clear Iranian violation ...

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