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Despite threats, thousand of Iranian are ready to celebrate the Cyrus Day

by Azadi #Iran twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #CyrusDay   Today Iran celebrates the so-called “Cyrus Day”, the day in which remembers the entering of Emperor Cyrus in Babylonia. Clearly, it is not an official celebration in Iran: as well known, the regime forbids any kind of celebration or anniversary, which remembers leaders not connected to the history of ...

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Yemen is facing a massive starvation

di G.G. #Middleeast twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Yemen   Yemenis citizens are at big risk to starvation in the next few months if the war will continue, according to United Nations statements. The famine might strike very soon and up to 13 million people are at real risk of starvation if the war in the country is not ...

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Muslim camps in China are “Humane” (according to Chinese point of view)

by G.G. #China twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #HumanRights   Finally Chinese authorities broke their silence and on 16th october declared that indoctrination camps were an estimated number of 1 million muslims are segregated for ideoligcal reaons are “humane”. According to Chines governement point of view the camps are part – a democratic part, fo course – of what they call ...

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Indonesian authorities arrested two gay men for running a pro-LGBT Facebook page

by Pablo “Pibe” Ruiz #LGBTQI twitter@gaiaitaliacomlo #Facebook   Indonesian police have arrested two gay men for allegedly running an LGBTI themed Facebook page after a Police raid in a house in Batununggal, West Java, the last thursday. The house has been rented by a man who allegedly created the Facebook page “Gay Bandung” with his ...

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Chancellor Merkel said: Germany will Stop Arming Saudi Arabia

by G.G. #Germany twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #International     According to Reuters, Germany will not export arms to Saudi Arabia while the current uncertainty over the fate of journalist Jamal Khashoggi persists, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday. Merkel made the statement while campaigning for her party in a regional election. Germany’s Chancellor repeated the statement to ...

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Almost 70 Bangladeshi Workers Deported from Malaysia within Three Days

by Gaiaitalia.com English #Banglades twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Asia     Around 70 bangladeshi workers have been refused by malaysian authorities and deported back to Bangladesh after their Visas were refused at the malayisian border by the Police. The workers were sent with (apparently( regular visas in the country by Bangladeshi-based Catharsis International Recruiting Agency. According to Malaysian ...

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Two homophobic attacks in one month in Paris

by Pablo “Pibe” Ruiz #Paris twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #homophobia     For the second time in less then a month a gay couple is been attacked and beaten up by a gang in Paris. The two men were kissing on a street in 19th arrondissement and after they’ve been attacked, they had to run to the hospital ...

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Andrew Cuomo Won Nomination for the Third Term

by Gaiaitalia.com English #Democras twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Politics   The New York Governon Andrew Cuomo won the nomination for the third termon sept. 13 beating in a primary challenge his oppositor Cynthia Nixon.     (30th september, 2018) ©gaiaitalia.com 2018        

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Thousands of women march in Brazil in opposition to Bolsonaro’s candidacy

by D.S. #Brazil twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Politics     They don’t want him. They don’t want the conservative and ultra far-rightist Jair Bolosonaro as their president. We talk about brazilian women marching on saturday sep. 29 to protest against bolsonaro’s candidacy. “Not Him” (Ele Nao) was the scream from the road, launched by thousands o and thousands women ...

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Kim Jong Un Agreed to Shut Down Major Missile Test Site

by G.G. #NorthKorea twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #NoNukes     North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed, according to South Korean official note, to shut down a major missile test site in the presence of a group of internatonal experts. The announcement was launched directly from official South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in’s bureau on september 19, right after ...

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