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The first pic of a Black Hole’s shaken scientists imagination

by Gaiaitaliaenglishnews #science twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #space   A picture of a black hole resident about 54 million light-years from Earth’s been taken by an international scientific team on Wednesday: the picture take announced a milestone in astrophysics – is been the first-black-hole-photo ever black hole. Scientists used a global network of telescopes to gain insight into ...

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Al Jazeera wins 49 prizes at New York awards festival

by G.G. #englishnews twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #media   Al Jazeera Media Network has scooped an incredible record number of prizes – 49! – at the prestigious New York Festivals TV and Films awards; between them the Broadcaster of the Year award for Al Jazeera English, which it won for a third consecutive year. Judges awarded the Qatar-based network ...

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Burkina Faso: Atrocities by Armed Islamists and Security Forces in northern Sahel Region

by Gaiaitalia.com English #HumanRights twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #HRW     According to HRW official site islamist armed groups and security forces have left deads and created widespread fear and displacement in the northern Sahel Region in Burkina Faso, as Human Rights Watch wrote in a press report released the last 22nd, march. According to the report the ...

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Islands: Four (fine) stories by Gabriella Vittoria Romano

by E.T. #Books twitter@iiiiiTiiiii #Islands   Already published in Italy by Kokoroko, “Islands” is a fine book elegantly written by Gabriella Vittoria Romano, a very nice italian woman living in Rome who’s now publishing “Island, four stories” in english for her international première thanks to the translation of Maria A. Stamp. Islands is a collection of ...

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HRW: South Korea’s Military “Sodomy” Law Violates Rights

by HRW #Asia twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #SouthKorea     A press note from HRW’s official site informs about South Korea’s law that bans same-sex conduct for soldiers wich violates its international human rights obligations and should be repealed – as Human Rights Watch said in an amicus brief submitted to the country’s Constitutional Court. Domestic and international human rights ...

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Sabrin Farooqui, first Bangladeshi-origin woman to run for Australian parliament

by Gaiaitalia.com _eng #Bangladesh twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Politics   Sabrin Farooqui has become the first female of Bangladeshi origin to be nominated for a parliamentary seat in Australia. She received the nomination from the Australian Labour Party (ALP) for the upcoming state election, due on March 23. The news is proudly announced by the daily news Dhaka ...

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As many as 70 of Britain’s opposition Labour MPs are against second Brexit referendum

by G.G. #Brexit twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Politics     According to Reuters as many as 70 of Britain’s opposition Labour MPs are against second Brexit referendum, Labour lawmaker Caroline Flint said on Sunday after earlier this week Labour said it would back a second referendum in order to try to prevent either a ‘no deal’ or Prime ...

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Sudanese man dies in detention after protests

by Gaiaitalia.com #Sudan twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Africa   According to Reuters a Sudanese man died in detention after being arrested in connection with protests in eastern Sudan. The man was a 36-year-old teacher who was arrested from his home on Thursday 31st, january after protests in Khashm el-Girba in eastern Sudan. His family members told Reuters security officials told ...

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Armed Trump supporter detained by Police in Houston

by Pablo “Pibe” Ruiz #LGBTI twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Homophobia   An armed Trump supporter is been arrested by the Police after an homophobic attack against a library guilty [sic] to have scheduled a drag queen storytime for children.  The man has previously been banned from the library, for filming children without permission. He was carrying a weapon ...

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Three killed and four wounded in California bowling shooting

by Gaiaitalia.com English #USA twitter@gaiaitalia_eng #Shooting   Three men were killed and four wounded in a shooting at a bowling alley in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance, California. Police said early on Saturday they were searching for a suspect or suspects. According to earlier informations the incident followed a fight at the Gable House ...

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