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Iran deal is dying and Mrs. Mogherini sends the bill to European Union

by Ragazzi di Tehran #Iran twitter@gaiaitaliacom #International #newsinenglish



When President Donald Trump was elected, Federica Mogheriniaka Mrs. Pesc – decided to transform the political debate around the Iranian nuclear deal, to a personal battle.

The European representative became the paladin of an unquestionable defense of the JCPOA, refusing to accept to discuss the clear Iranian violation of the UN Resolution 2231. On the contrary, Mogherini didn’t lose any occasion to say – everywhere – that Tehran “is respecting the agreement and the EU will not any modification to the deal”.

In doing this, as said before, Mogherini also dare to deny what was under the eyes of everyone: since July 2015 – when the JCPOA was signed – Iran has launched 23 ballistic missiles. Between these missiles, at least nine were MRBM and all nuclear-capable. As well known, Annex B of the UN Resolution 2231 forbids to Iran to test ballistic missiles capable to deliver a nuclear weapon.

The only effect of this ideological campaign of Mrs. Mogherini was to completely isolate the European Union. When Trump decided to approve the decertification of the Iranian nuclear deal, added a simple part to his official statement: considering the EU position, it will be a European responsibility to convince Iran to accept modification of the deal.  Considering that Tehran has already rejected this hypothesis, the Trump’s decision represents a big defeat for the EU.

The European defeat is a Mogherini’s defeat, and it is also a double defeat: because – while Mogherini was lobbying for the Iranian regime everywhere – France and Germany started to criticize Tehran for its missile program, supporting indirectly the positions of the American President.

Why? Very simple: Macron and Merkel are two realist leaders. They know that – despite the words – the Iranian nuclear deal will end in any case if the United States will go out. Today, only with the secondary sanction still valid, almost no finance institute wants to invest money in the Islamic Republic. They are too worried about possible new sanctions from the United States and about the Iranian high level of internal corruption and money laundering.

To summarize, we can say that Federica Mogherini continues to live in a reality that does not still exist. Worse, she seems worried to cover all the Iranian violations, including the abuses of the human rights. When the last popular protests exploded in Iran, Mrs. Pesc remained silent for days and, when decided to take a position, her words were so general that provoked a harsh protests in the social networks.

Europe must open its eyes, especially after the news related to Obama’s decision to close important investigations on Hezbollah’s drug trafficking (to achieve the nuclear deal with Iran). The nuclear deal will not survive to the American exit. If the White House will approve new sanctions on Iran, Germany and France will not side with Tehran against the United States.

Does really a European country wants to leave the alliance with United States, to embrace tenderly Tehran, Moscow or Beijing? Does really the EU wants a “Foreign Minister” who will be viewed by Washington as “the voice of the regimes” (as Politico has already written…)?







(31st January, 2018)

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